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Uig is a beautiful and unique area on the west coast of the Isle of Lewis containing some of the islands most spectacular scenery.  Stretching from Scaliscro to Mealista and beyond to North Harris it boasts spectacular white sand beaches, machair, moorland, peatland, lochs, wild Atlantic coastline and treasure islands! 

As well as the landscape and the variety of wildlife it supports (Salmon, Deer, Golden Eagles, Otters, Lobsters and Scallops to name but a few) Uig has a strong and vibrant cultural heritage woven through its communities - with Gaelic still spoken across the area.  

Uig includes the settlements of Scaliscro, Gisla, Enaclete, Ungeshader, Geshader, Loch Croistean, Carishader, Miavaig, Cliff, Valtos, Kneep, Reef, Uigen, Timsgarry, Erista, Crowlista, Aird Uig, Ardroil, Carnish, Mangersta, Islivig and Breanish, with approximately 350 people living across the 100 sq miles.

This site is designed to provide a free information portal to visitors and tourists interested in holidaying in Uig. The site includes general information on Uig, useful contact details, things to see and do, where to eat and advice for those thinking of relocating to Uig.

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