Uig is a unique community situated on the most north-westerly promontory in the British Isles. We are a close-knit community with beautiful beaches, clean waters, abundant wildlife (otters, sea-eagles, golden eagles, salmon, trout, mackerel, lobsters, oysters, red deer, divers, cormorants, puffins....I could go on!).


For a small area it is thriving well. A busy little school with 22 children, with both Gaelic and English language streams. There is also an excellent pre-school, delivering early years Gaelic, which takes children aged 2 and up. 

Uig is one of the last unspoilt areas of the UK. We are down a 'dead end road' so are not too busy with people on the way to somewhere else. 

Visitors to Uig leave totally refreshed and have usually forgotten all about the rest of the world during their time here. Come and visit.....