Uig is a wonderful place for children and the list of places to go and things to do is endless but here are a few suggestions:

Beaches....:Reef, Cliff, Ardroil, Carnish, Mangersta, Mealista and many more.

Catch crabs off Valtos Pier. (Uig community shop or Fishermans Co-op in Stornoway will have crabbing nets)

Contact SurfLewis for SUP and surf lessons.

Hire bikes through BikeHebrides

Trout fishing in numerous lochs: contact Uig Lodge on 01851672250 or Uig and Hamnaway on 01851672421

Seafishing / lobster pots off the shore or through Seatrek.


Uig Museum (in the community centre next to the tearoom)

Uig Community Centre has a large indoor games hall for wet-weather games

Take them to The Scallop Shack at Miavaig Harbour: they can see today's catch, watch the shucking, look at boats and buy their supper.

An-Suileachan monument in Reef: they can explore.

Collect cockles from the beach (ie:Crowlista) - a spade/rake/garden fork and bucket are essential.

Swim in the deep pool under Borronish Bridge on Ardroil Sands. (Full-length wetsuits advised!)

Find the giant replica carved Chessman at Uig community centre, Ardroil and Abhainn Dearg Distillery.

Look for otters around the coastline around dawn/dusk.

Fly a kite on any number of big sandy beaches.

Beach cricket

Beach picnic

Build a sandcastle

Go sledging down the dunes at Ardroil.

Take a boat tour with Seatrek to spot otters, dolphins, whales, sharks, eagles and much more.

Drive or walk up Forsnaval (tarmac road to the top) to watch sunset or get 360degree views.

Climb a mountain

Forage for mussels and razor clams

Eat plenty of tea and cake at Uig Community Cafe, 'The Edge' at Aird Uig and Loch Croistean - they are all very family friendly.

Collect shells for your rainy day activities....buy a mirror or box from the charity shops in Stornoway and decorate. Or they could just paint the shells.

Take a bag with you on all your trips to the beach and get your children to collect 10 items of rubbish - always feels good to do a 5minute beach clean-up.

Go bodyboarding or kayaking.